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IoT Empowering the ‘New Normal’ Workplace

828x640 EMEA W IoT Empowering The New Normal

The current COVID health crisis has forced people, organisations and whole countries to consider mobile contact-tracing and social distancing compliance technology to track and control the spread of the virus. Employers have a legal obligation to plan, be prepared for the possibility that there will be cases and minimise the spread of COVID-19 in their workplace. IoT specifically addresses the challenges of keeping workplaces open, whilst also ensuring the health and safety of staff, visitors, partners, customers and patients during any pandemic public health emergency.  

During this webinar, experts in IoT safety solutions discuss how digital access control, and social distancing compliance technologies as well as contact tracing solutions are helping the positively impacting workplaces and how easily overcome the complexities to overcome the barriers to adoption.



  • What does contact tracing and social distancing mean for your business?
  • How IoT technologies can advance regulatory compliance
  • How to adopt and deploy contact tracing and social distancing technology
  • Contact tracing and social distancing compliance in action