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KORE: Continuing Success and Fueling New Growth

Download the webinar, “KORE: Continuing Success and Fueling New Growth.”

In 2023, KORE acquired Twilio’s IoT Business Unit and created a streamlined approach to IoT that allows for organisations to Build, Deploy, Manage, and Scale IoT all from a single provider. As with any acquisition, it is common for migrating customers or those interested in the new business capabilities to have questions and wonder exactly how these two entities will become one.

KORE hosted a short, informative webinar that addresses common questions, as well as this acquisition addresses gaps in the market through its unique value proposition, and how KORE extended capabilities can ensure success and longevity in IoT. 

Watch the on-demand recording to learn more, including:
  • The answers to the most frequently asked questions by new customers
  • How KORE addresses both IoT solutions and services
  • Vertical and horizontal KORE offerings