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Agriculture IoT for Mitigating Global Challenges

Download the on-demand webinar “Promoting Sustainable Agriculture Through IoT.”

The IoT agriculture market is undergoing a significant upswing and is expected to reach an estimated global value of $84.5 billion by 2031 for an overall 12.6 percent increase from 20211.

Whether it is leveraging the technologies for IoT agriculture in use cases or entering the market through device development or selling solutions, it is important to understand the complexities of leveraging IoT in order to achieve the greatest success.

Learn more about IoT in agriculture in this on-demand webinar and hear a real use case from global agriculture company Syngenta. 

1 IoT in Agriculture Market 2023, Allied Market Research

Join “Promoting Sustainable Agriculture Through IoT” to learn:
  • The growth of IoT in agricultural use cases
  • How to overcome the complexity of IoT to deploy with ease
  • How Syngenta is using IoT to improve global food security