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Roadmap to Monetisation - Open APIs: standardisation, innovation, integration

Telco Cloud_Monetization_LP

As the deployment of 5G SA advances in tandem with the cloud-native network, telcos are urgently seeking ROI. Recognising the innovation and monetisation potential inherent in cloud-native networks, telcos must now simplify the interface for developers. While telecoms excel in monitoring network performance, customer expectation focuses on application performance. This highlights a gap in assessment, underscoring the need for the standardisation of APIs to bridge this discrepancy. What architectures, technologies and partnerships will enable swift innovation for telecoms? What opportunities and risks open APIs present? In this session, we discuss what telcos must achieve to facilitate access for developers. We look at the Service Based Architecture to create a scalable, resilient and extensible service-oriented environment. The panel will explore the concept of Network-as-a-Service (NaaS), expanding the Telco Edge Cloud to include multi-MNO federation and network service APIs.   

Hear from KORE’s very own Jorrit Kronjee, VP Engineering & Platform Enablement as he discusses:
  • ETSI and 3GPP standards, Architectures, technologies, principles of RESTful APIs
  • Opportunities and risks of open APIs
  • Ensuring the right interaction with NaaS platform
  • Alliances including CAMARA (subgroup- edge APIs)
  • Business models and partnerships to commercialise APIs