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Simplifying IoT Connectivity in IoT to Achieve Business Objectives

Download the webinar “Simplifying Connectivity in IOT to Achieve Business Objectives.”

The wealth of connectivity technologies on the market creates both massive opportunities and some challenges when it comes to choosing what is right for your IoT application. At the end of the day, you want to achieve your business objectives and the connectivity that powers it simply needs to work. How do you simplify connectivity in IoT to capture the best results?

KORE expert Steven Baker, Beecham Research Founder and CEO Robin Duke-Wooley, and Joe Porrazzo from Airgain tackle this question in the on-demand webinar, “Simplifying Connectivity in IoT to Achieve Business Objectives.” Download it to learn:

  • How to create infrastructure for high-reliability IoT use cases
  • The demand for embedded and integrated connectivity
  • How to build solutions that use multiple connectivity technologies