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The Role of Connected Video Data in Improving Transport Safety

828x640 Asset Webinar Role of Connected Video Data in Improving Transport Safety

Intelligent transportation solutions have become table stakes today for businesses that rely on vehicles to execute mission-critical business processes. However, as the IoT expands, there are emerging innovations that organisations must consider to further differentiate themselves from the competition and generate valuable business intelligence. Some of the most promising of these innovations are in-vehicle video solutions.

There are more than 1,300,000 road deaths each year around the globe, but according to a recent study, installing a video event recorder can cut collision rates by 50%. And improved driver safety is just one of the many benefits connected video solutions can deliver, as fleet and operational managers can also leverage these technologies to deliver driver coaching, monitor real-time driver behaviour, and gain access to real-time visual evidence to support accident investigations.

Join Rory Maher (Director of IoT Solutions - KORE) and Charles Smith (CEO - CMS) for an educational webinar to learn more about:
  • The intelligent transportation industry landscape
  • Key considerations and steps to take to deploy an in-vehicle video solution
  • Case study: in-vehicle video in action