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Accelerating IoT Maturity in Medical Field Service

Download this ebook to learn more about how IoT healthcare is changing field services.

IoT technologies represent promising innovations for organisations in the healthcare industry to improve operational efficiencies, enhance the quality of care, and ultimately, deliver better patient outcomes. Although the healthcare IoT opportunity is significant, many healthcare providers struggle to achieve their desired goals due to lack of familiarity with these emerging technologies, and failure to engage the right IoT partner that can support their initiatives from conception through to ongoing management and IoT solution optimisation.

Some of the most promising healthcare IoT use cases are related to field service management, designed to empower remote or mobile healthcare providers to quickly and easily access and record patient information regardless of their location or availability of an on-site Internet connection. However, as previously mentioned, navigating the complex IoT ecosystem can be challenging for healthcare providers and this has slowed medical field service adoption.

This report, with independent research from Field Service Medical and WBR Insights, sheds light on the different types of organisations that are adopting medical field service solutions, the goals they have achieved with their IoT implementations, as well as real-life insights as to what drives a successful, IoT-enabled medical field service initiative.

Download the IoT Report to learn more about:
  • How the legacy aging and size of IoT infrastructure impacts healthcare IoT maturity
  • Statistics regarding deployment size, IoT experience, and IoT project longevity – among others – for organisations with medical field service initiatives
  • Actionable insights for overcoming common IoT implementation challenges to realise improved patient outcomes