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The Enterprise Private Network Opportunity

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Over the past 2-3 years, interest in mobile Non-Public-Networks (NPN) has proliferated. NPNs have been widely deployed in the past by military, public transport, emergency services, and other industry verticals, although these have typically been used primarily for voice applications using non-3GPP technologies. Several qualities inherent to LTE and 5G, including high data throughput, low latency, reliability, and security, mean that 3GPP-based NPNs are now considered a viable and potentially valuable solution to a diverse number of enterprise requirements.

Download the analyst whitepaper, “The Enterprise Private Network Opportunity” to learn:
  • The foundations of Private Networks
  • Spectrum for NPNs
  • Choosing the right Path for Private Networks
  • Vertical & Regional NPN Growth
  • Private LTE & 5G Market Sizing & Forecasts