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The New ‘Here and Now’ for IoT Connectivity

Download the whitepaper “The New ‘Here and Now’ for IoT Connectivity.”

It is an interesting time for the IoT industry as emerging technologies create new trends and potentially slow down previous trends. A shaky economy and technology consolidations in 2023 are creating a new narrative for IoT as we move closer toward 2024. 

Download the whitepaper, “The New ‘Here and Now’ for Internet of Things Connectivity,” to read more about the new narrative and the key technologies fueling IoT as a whole. Topics include:
  • Why we need to say goodbye to IoT – but not in the way you think
  • What cross-optimization means to IoT and how best to utilize it
  • How new technologies like eSIM, LEO satellite and AI are game-changers
  • New hurdles that might be cropping up on the path to IoT ROI