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5 Reasons to Engage an IoT Managed Services Provider

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While the Internet of Things has helped businesses achieve efficiency, ROI, and regulatory compliance, it’s still unfortunately true that many new IoT initiatives never make it past proof-of-concept. According to a survey by Cisco, 60 percent of IoT projects stall at the proof of concept stage.  

The same study found that successful IoT deployments came from companies that engaged the partner ecosystem at every stage, suggesting that it takes strong partnerships throughout the entire IoT lifecycle to ensure success. The IoT partner ecosystem includes connectivity, hardware, procurement, warehousing, configuration, solution design, logistics, and more.

Few companies are equipped to effectively manage the wide partner ecosystem required to ensure the success of IoT initiatives — that’s where IoT managed services providers offer great value. Businesses rely on managed services providers to speed time to market, reduce risk, contain costs, ensure scalability, and achieve greater visibility and operational insight.

Time to Market

IoT managed services providers are experts on the complexities of IoT deployments. These complexities often cause projects to stall and results in delayed deployments. Managed services providers avoid this by effectively managing resources needed to identify and procure hardware, connectivity, and more.

Reduce Risk

Companies who engage IoT managed services providers leverage their expertise in design choices and connectivity options to reduce risk and avoid the common obstacles to successful deployments.  

Cost Containment

The hidden complexities of IoT often result in unexpected costs which have the potential to derail the entire project. IoT managed services providers help lower the total cost of ownership with strong vendor relationships across the entire partner ecosystem.


In order to be successful, IoT projects need to be scalable. IoT managed services providers handle the details of scaling devices, connectivity options, and network design throughout the entire project lifecycle, allowing internal teams to focus on the core business.

Visibility & Operational Insight

With administrative tools for managing assets and connectivity, dashboards, and powerful analytics for actionable data, managed services providers help companies achieve greater visibility into their IoT initiatives.  

A Trusted IoT Partner

Most organizations simply don’t have the internal resources or expertise to successfully manage sophisticated IoT solutions. KORE helps businesses eliminate the long-drawn-out process of identifying, evaluating, contracting, and managing multiple connectivity providers, hardware manufacturers, and professional services organizations as they deploy, manage, and scale IoT solutions.

KORE leads the industry with proven expertise and guidance that can maximize IoT investments and transform IoT business performance.

Download the eBook,  Internet of Things (IoT) Managed Services by James Brehm and Associates to learn how managed services will enable successful deployments and business results.

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