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KORE Product Webinars: Resilient Communications for Global Business

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KORE offers a comprehensive suite of technology tools to open the world to resilient IoT communications, including connectivity management, network and device monitoring, eSIM device validation, device certification, and a developer portal for robust access and information on APIs.

KORE will be hosting monthly live webinars exploring our technology services and solutions that support your IoT solutions. To begin, KORE will host sessions on ConnectivityProTM, and the KORE Developer Portal.

ConnectivityPro Sessions

The KORE connectivity management platform ConnectivityPro is designed to make deploying, managing, and scaling IoT solutions simpler by meeting connectivity needs via a single, unified platform. In an effort to maximise the user experience and enrich customer access to the ConnectivityPro knowledge base, KORE will be hosting live webinars to deep dive into the platform functionality.

The webinars will inform and educate ConnectivityPro users on the robust features of ConnectivityPro, with an opportunity to engage in real-time with ConnectivityPro experts and super-users to answer any questions.

ConnectivityPro sessions will cover activations, rule management, usage, eSIM switching and more. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions during the session and afterwards a survey to provide feedback on what topics you’d like to see addressed in upcoming webinars.

KORE ConnectivityPro is a complete connectivity management platform that unifies the advanced functions needed to manage multi-network and multi-technology connectivity. Whether it’s ordering, provisioning, or activating new services, monitoring usage and identifying issues, or analysing trends to improve performance, ConnectivityPro is a singular approach to simplify the complexity of IoT connectivity.

KORE Developer Portal

The KORE Developer Portal provides access to KORE platform APIs in a single self-service location, providing highly secure, managed access to all services within the KORE ecosystem. The developer portal offers fully documented APIs with examples in multiple languages, live testing, self-service capabilities such as IP whitelisting for enhanced security, and the ability to stay up to speed with the latest API updates.

The KORE Developer Portal was recently selected as the winner of the “M2M Innovation Solution of the Year” award in the 6th annual IoT Breakthrough Awards program, conducted by IoT Breakthrough. “What an honour it is to be recognised by IoT Breakthrough. We have spent nearly two decades leveraging our IoT knowledge and experience with the aim of simplifying the complexity of IoT with complete, global IoT management capabilities,” KORE President and CEO Romil Bahl said.

Learn More About KORE

The live webinars will be recorded and made available after the live sessions on the ConnectivityPro training video page. These sessions are a great opportunity to learn more about the technology solutions KORE offers and to explore in more detail about the features of the platforms, portals, and services. If there is a topic you’d like to see covered or a question you’d like to have answered during the live session, send over an email to

Registration is open for the first webinar on ConnectivityPro February 14.

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