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A New Era of IoT and Cellular Connectivity

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How is the Internet of Things (IoT) changing the world? IoT uses all sorts of sensors, , data storage, analytics and technology to contribute to business outcomes – ultimately improving efficiency and operations. According to GSMA, there will be an estimated 75 million connected devices by the year 2030. The Decade of IoT is revolutionary and everchanging with technology trends.

Sunsets on the Horizon

The 2G and 3G network sunsets are rapidly approaching, and the migration to 4G and 5G is here. The latest LTE connectivity solutions provide future-proof connectivity at a reduced cost with high bandwidth and high speed. We have seen the rollout of 5G connectivity become more common in 2022, with a 385% increase in 5G customer usage over 3G from 2020; however, the collective switch may still take a few years.

Networks shutdowns began in 2016 when AT&T removed its 2G network, resulting in an impacted 10-12 million active 2G connections. Over the past six years, other carriers have made the decision to sunset their 2G and 3G networks. Why do major carriers need to do this? To keep up with the increase of data consumption in devices, network connections need to have the capacity to do so.

What is an eSIM? What are the Benefits?

An eSIM is essentially an embedded SIM card in a device. SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module and works by connecting devices to different networks. An embedded SIM card makes switching mobile networks seamless and hassle-free.

One major benefit of eSIM for IoT is simple: future-proof connectivity. Utilising embedded connectivity provides you with an entire lifecycle of solutions, resulting in simplified operations, easier upgrades, and greater investment returns.

Hardware Management

Reconfiguring IoT hardware when making the switch can seem daunting, but it does come with considerable benefits for your company. IoT hardware procurement can offer greater security and optimal performance at a lower cost. Not only do you get enhanced devices, but greater global network coverage so you can better serve customers in your field.

Learn More About the Decade of IoT

Want to learn more about emerging technology trends? Join KORE, JT IoT, and Robustel to discover how IoT continues to drive long-term deployment, management, and scaling for connected devices in our upcoming webinar, “The State of Cellular and Decade of IoT”, on April 26, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. ET. Register here!

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