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How IoT Can Save Christmas

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The holidays are a time of fun and festivity and, albeit, a lot of work and stress, especially for Father Christmas and his fleet of reindeer and helper elves. For ultimate efficiency, safety, and assurances, this Christmas crew could do well - outfitted with a few key IoT solutions.

Asset Monitoring

Santa is infamous for his fastidiousness in making his list and checking it twice, but surely there is a breakdown or bottleneck in making sure the right gifts go to the right names on the list. With IoT, Santa can convert his pen-and-paper list approach to a digital interface that coordinates with GPS-enabled devices. Not only does this make categorising (and warehousing) much more efficient, it can also streamline logistics when it comes time to load the sleigh for delivery on Christmas Eve.

In-transit gift delivery could use support, as well. Santa might approach some rough weather along the way, which might make for a bumpy sleigh ride. To avoid damage to any gift items – especially those that are more sensitive, such as electronics – Santa could use critical asset monitoring as well. This is the next-generation in asset monitoring that not only tracks where items move but how they move, as well. Some bumpy headwinds Santa encounters might jostle presents, will alert Santa that the presents are being handled too roughly. With this intelligence, Santa can move to calmer altitudes to better protect this sensitive cargo. Or maybe Santa gets caught in a snowstorm, and some of the snow begins to melt onto sensitive electronics, which the sensor will detect through moisture readings and let Santa know that he needs to act quickly to prevent damage or ruin.

Pet Tracking

Santa’s eight tiny reindeer (okay, nine reindeer!) are much more than pets, but rather the engine pulling Santa’s sleigh. Nonetheless, these magical flying creatures require care and attention on Christmas Eve, too. With comprehensive pet tracking, Santa can make sure his beloved Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph are adequately watered and rested for the long journey across the world. And in case any reindeer decides to stray off a rooftop while Santa shimmies down the chimney, real-time GPS and geofencing will help him track down the wanderer quickly.

Workplace Safety

The elves joyfully work all year to create toys for all the good girls and boys, but anyone who has spent time on a manufacturing line, in a woodshop, or on a construction site – big or small – knows there are some basics when it comes to safety and wellness.

With a flurry of activity, especially as the holidays rapidly approach, sometimes safety can take a backseat to productivity. But with the IoT sensors along processes, wearables for the elves, and video equipment in workplaces, all paired with analytics, elves and Santa can be alerted when processes and activity are deviating from safe levels.

Additionally, to keep machinery in great working order, sensors can be attached to equipment to monitor health and performance to prevent unplanned downtime and potentially cause delays in fulfilling these festive production orders.  

IoT Beyond the North Pole

Santa and his workshop are not the only demographics with which IoT pairs well. Whether it is shipping, manufacturing, smart cities, healthcare, fleet, agriculture, pet tracking, or otherwise, IoT can create efficiencies, support safety, enhance sustainability, and drive down costs. Reach out to learn more and Happy Holidays from KORE!


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