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Migrating from Google Cloud IoT Core to Enhanced KORE OmniCore Solution

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With Google announcing the retirement of their Cloud IoT Core service next year, existing users who depend on this soon-to-be legacy IoT platform are in need of finding a replacement solution. Businesses running in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) who depend on connected IoT data are now faced with the necessity to migrate their IoT devices to a new solution without disrupting their business operations.
KORE is a pure-play IoT company who lives and breathes IoT every day. We have used (and still do use) all the big-three cloud provider’s IoT core services, yet we still wrestle with some of the nuances of IoT use cases that are not served by any of the IoT Core type solutions we have seen. This is why we created our own IoT platform, the KORE OmniCore, built by a dedicated IoT company for real IoT use cases.

What is a Cloud IoT Core, and Why is it Needed?

Cloud IoT core is a service to connect IoT devices easily and securely to the cloud and route messages to cloud services. In broad strokes, the service is there to receive IoT sensor data in the form of MQTT, HTTP, or another IoT communication protocol and broker the data to the correct destination service. IoT core prevents compromised devices from getting system or cloud access. The service also provides IoT device management from the cloud.

Why KORE for GCP IoT Core Migration

An IoT platform migration can be costly, and the threat of service interruptions and other connectivity challenges are very real. The KORE IoT platform – the premier platform for GCP IoT Core migration, offers the following:

Similarity to GCP IoT Core

The KORE OmniCore platform has all the familiar capabilities of GCP IoT Core, including the same APIs and console user experience, as well as the device and field gateway options to connect and setup devices and routing. For anyone familiar with GCP IoT Core - the platform will feel like you never left.

Enhanced Functionality

KORE OmniCore brings many new features to the existing functionality of the GCP IoT Core, including zero-touch device provisioning, additional device protocols (MQTT v5.0 and MQTT over WSS), in-console device testing, and over-the-air device update capability. This migration provides the opportunity for existing GCP IoT Core customers to upgrade to a more holistic IoT Platform.

Seamless Migration

KORE has taken strides to make the transition from GCP IoT Core to KORE OmniCore as smooth as possible. Users can purchase and register for the KORE IoT platform using their existing Google account. There is a built-in migration tool accessible from the app to port the devices, source, and destination projects. The KORE IoT platform APIs are a carbon copy of the GCP IoT Core APIs. Migration guides with examples will be found on our website for the DIYers, or for those looking for an assisted approach KORE and Google can offer professional migration support.

Why Choose the KORE IoT Platform Solution

Migrating to KORE OmniCore is the most natural choice for GCP IoT Core users looking for a new service while keeping everything else the same in their GCP account. It offers all the familiar capabilities of GCP IoT Core, many new features, and simple migration for existing users. KORE specialises in IoT and with over two decades of history and experience, we have tailor-made this solution specifically to meet the needs of the IoT market. As a solution, the KORE IoT platform is used both internally by KORE as well as externally available in the GCP marketplace and we intend to support it for the long-term.

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