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KORE Announces Industry-Aligned Solution Areas to Better Serve Customers

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For almost 15 years, KORE has been known for our excellence in global IoT connectivity, with over 6,200 customers and 12 million devices. And that’s not going to change anytime soon. But something has been in the works for quite some time, as our strategic acquisitions and solution offerings have allowed us to better serve our customers more holistically and comprehensively. We’re excited to announce the next evolution of KORE – strategic vertical alignments meant to better serve our customers and to help them deploy, manage, and securely scale their IoT operations.

We have organised and focused our efforts to pick up where our customers’ expertise ends to help them bring the best IoT innovations to market – in record time. “Our customers are experts in every way within their industries,” says Romil Bahl, President and CEO of KORE. “We want to enable them more than ever before to be able to focus within those industries. To focus on the customer experience that will win the day. To focus on the value of the data relative to their vertical.” These industry-specific verticals will allow us to create more specialised solutions and services for our customers so that they can shift their time and resources away from the behind-the-scenes tasks and back to driving further innovation.

As announced in our recent press release, we are officially launching the following industry solution areas:

  • KORE Health: Leveraging the power of the Integron acquisition to deliver robust solutions including managed services such as remote patient monitoring and care enablement that require full compliance with FDA and ISO 9001 and 13485 requirements
  • KORE Life Sciences: Bringing powerful solutions that clinical research organisations and pharmas need to launch and manage Electronic Patient Recording Outcome solutions (ePRO) and Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment solutions (eCOA)
  • KORE Assets: Delivering critical asset management solutions, including asset tracking, and condition monitoring, with robust capabilities to monitor temperature, tilt, humidity, shock, and waypoint deviation
  • KORE Fleet: Leveraging the power of in-vehicle video analytics, Electronic Logging Device (ELD) functionality, and location-based services to deliver deep insights to fleet managers
  • KORE Industrial IoT: Incorporating solutions that improve uptime, automate field service activities, manage inventory, and build predictive models; deploying a “global SKU” eSIM or eUICC solution for all manufacturers who are deploying connected products globally

As the IoT industry and its capabilities continue to change and evolve, so, too, will KORE. We will continue to focus on simplifying the complexity of IoT deployments for our customers so that they can focus on delivering the best, most innovative solutions to their customers and the broader landscape. Our customers are the innovators – we are just helping them get there simply, securely, and swiftly.

In this brief video, Romil dives deeper into the strategy and reasoning behind our vertical alignments and explains how it will improve our ability to serve you. Thanks for being part of the KORE community.


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