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Better IoT Healthcare Solutions for Better Care

Start with an Expert, Integrated Solution

When you’re ready to take patient care to the next level and outfit your workers with the diagnostics and monitoring tools they need to create better outcomes, anywhere – you’re ready for KORE IoT Healthcare Solutions.

Streamline implementation of IoT healthcare solutions
Streamline Implementation Complexities can hinder the deployment of IoT healthcare solutions and present barriers to adoption. KORE can help.
Secure and compliant real-time patient data with IoT devices
Remain Compliant Providing real-time patient data requires regulatory experience and a strict focus on information security. KORE can help.
IoT remote patient monitoring
Stay Connected Monitoring remote patients and tracking mobile employees demand superior coverage and reliability. KORE can help.
Healthcare IoT outpatient safety and security
Ensure Outpatient Safety and Security

Get the visibility and confidence you need to deliver the best remote and home care possible.

We know that providing safe, secure outpatient care means bringing blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, pacemakers, and patient monitoring systems together into a single, streamlined offering. With reliable, future-proofed network connectivity, robust device and data security capabilities, and comprehensive bundled solutions, we have the systems and expertise it takes to help you unify the IoT ecosystem and keep patients safe and secure when they’re outside the traditional clinical setting.

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Healthcare IoT visibility into treatment efficacy
Gain Visibility into Treatment Efficacy

Perform real-time biometric monitoring via a range of connected devices to identify changes and adapt treatments fast.

Faster access to better patient data can give healthcare workers a head start when a treatment plan needs to change. By combining our reliable, secure, and scalable connectivity with best-in-class tablet devices, cellular modules, and expert professional services, you can improve the flow of patient data and empower workers to respond faster. And with IoT healthcare solutions that facilitate remote patient-to-provider interactions, you can even help accelerate diagnoses and reduce unnecessary hospital re-admissions.

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Streamline healthcare IoT device set-up
Effectively Manage Chronic Conditions

Help patients reduce the time and complexity of self care for diabetes and other long-term diseases.

One of the greatest challenges in chronic care is reducing the time patients spend monitoring and treating their conditions. That’s why we work closely with service providers to deploy and connect a range of IoT monitoring and treatment devices that eliminate many of the manual steps of self care. Whether we are providing secure, managed network access for real-time data delivery or automatic SIM provisioning to help streamline device set up, IoT healthcare providers trust KORE to help them simplify their care options for patients with chronic conditions.

IoT Healthcare Solutions for a Range of Services
Delivering next-generation healthcare for today’s patients requires an expert approach to IoT. So we offer a suite of solutions that help providers ensure compliance, reduce costs, and improve care.

Robust Emergency Response Systems Without the Complexity

As mobile personal emergency response systems (mPERS) expand to include advanced features such as location tracking, fall detection, and biometrics, it’s important that these new capabilities don’t make things too complicated for your customers. That’s why KORE offers a suite of device and connectivity options that provide the features you need without adding complexity during initial deployment or ongoing operations.

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Reliable, Secure, Scalable Access to Patient Data

Insurance has begun to mandate the use of connected care technologies that enable remote patient monitoring and diagnostics. But deploying these devices not only requires the right technologies, it also requires the right connectivity and robust data security capabilities. That’s why KORE is here to help you put it all together. We provide integrated solutions that include the coverage, devices, and services it takes to empower your workforce with access to real-time patient data and the reliability, security, and reach you need to improve service quality.

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Advanced Solutions that Ensure Compliance and Improve Care

Monitoring your remote healthcare workers isn’t only a way to enhance the patient experience and reduce healthcare costs, in many cases it’s mandated by Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance legislation. To remain compliant and achieve all the benefits of a workforce monitoring solution, the right partner is critical. We offer reliable, secure, and scalable connectivity coupled with best-in-class devices and expert professional services to equip you with the right workforce monitoring solution and achieve the right results.

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Ensuring you stay ahead with the next generation of IoT technology

Leveraging nearly two decades of IoT knowledge and experience, KORE simplifies the complexity of IoT with complete, global IoT management capabilities. We enable your IoT vision with seamless execution and a constant focus on maximising the return on your IoT investments.

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