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IoT Connectivity Solutions as a Service: Connectivity, Enablement, and Management

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The term “as a service” (-aaS) used in the technology realm can run the gauntlet of meanings — from streaming and data to software and the cloud. But for IoT, -aaS generally pertains to the backbone of the solution, connectivity. But which -aaS solution do you need: connectivity, enablement, or management?

KORE Connectivity as a Service

For organisations looking to deploy an IoT solution, KORE Connectivity as a Service (Caas) sources all of the necessary components. A single-source provider and trusted advisor can bring solutions to market faster and at a total lower cost of ownership.

Connectivity: Leverage KORE trusted carrier relationships to build a customised connectivity solution, whether it’s regionally, nationally, or globally. By using a single connectivity provider, organisations can avoid carrier lock-in, as well as the added burden of managing multiple carriers and the associated contracts, billing, and support systems.

Hardware: KORE has key partnerships to source, validate, and certify devices to bring solutions to market faster. KORE Managed Services will ensure the forward and reverse logistics are handled swiftly for maximum operational efficiency.

Management platform: Choosing a single, intuitive connectivity management platform is the most simplified approach to granular visibility into all of your network connections. KORE ConnectivityProTM can support more than 24 cellular and satellite providers in a single interface to help prevent overages and unnecessary costs while running real-time diagnostics.

Security: For actionable insights to help mitigate cost and risk, KORE SecurityProTM is a comprehensive security platform where users can set rule-based alerts and actions to protect devices and data transmission.

Wireless backup: KORE Business Connect allows organisations to remain connected without interrupted communications through a backup wireless connection and routers for 100 percent up-time.

KORE Connectivity Enablement as a Service

Through Connectivity Enablement as a Service (CEaaS), KORE provides the tools, services, and infrastructure for organisations to drive their own connectivity offerings.

Connectivity Management as a Service (CMPaaS): Utilising KORE ConnectivityPro, bring your own connectivity (BYOC) organisations can manage all aspects of IoT subscriptions on a unified platform. Customisable dashboards allow insight into data and monthly usage, overage, inventory status, rate plan allocation, and more.

Core Network as a Service (CNaaS): This offering by KORE provides control over connectivity services hosted on the core network. CNaaS offers an independent, multi-tenant Mobile Virtual Network Enablement Service platform.

Private Network as a Service (PNaaS): Turn to private network connectivity when Wi-Fi or public networks are too costly; don’t provide reliability and coverage; or you need business-critical security. KORE can build a private network via licensed spectrum (Private LTE/5G) or unlicensed spectrum (LoRa).

KORE is the Singular Path through Connectivity Chaos

Choosing the right IoT connectivity solutions and implementation — whether it’s management, enablement, or connectivity itself — can be difficult. But with KORE, it doesn’t have to be. See how KORE can get your IoT ecosystem communicating simply and seamlessly.

Check out our eBook for insight into a successful IoT deployment.

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