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KORE Connections: Marco Corona, Director of Pre-Sales EAP

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Marco Corona is the Director of Pre-Sales, EAP, where he leads the technical pre-sales and solution architect team in Europe and Asia Pacific. His team works closely with the sales team on qualifying opportunities, gathering requirements from customers, and designing IoT solutions. They are responsible for a “wide view” of the solution being proposed to the customers.

Q: What motivates you?
A: I like challenging myself and getting out of my comfort zone. I consider challenges a great opportunity to increase your motivation for both personal development and professional growth. For me, moving to a different country or starting a new project have been triggers to overcome complexity and motivate myself to do my best. 

I also enjoy activities such as long-distance running or climbing mountains which help me increase my self-motivation by pushing through to the finish.

Q: Professionally speaking, what was the hardest lesson you learned so far?
A: During my first job at Motorola, I learned the hardest lesson in the business world - if you don’t continuously evolve, you die (so to speak). While at Motorola, the company went from being the second- largest phone manufacturer to completely shutting down all R&D centers and offices (including the office in Turin where I was working). We were no longer able to drive the market or follow it, leading the company to nearly disappear.

Living through an experience like this, I learned that companies must continually evolve to stay relevant, innovative, and competitive. Simultaneously, it’s crucial to acknowledge any missteps while also having the courage to effect positive change. This company attitude must be shared at all levels and by all employees as an essential part of organisational success – never stop evolving, learning, and challenging yourself.

Q: Tell us about your recent volunteering trip to Kenya! What was your favorite part?
A: My wife and I decided to make an experience with 3 words in mind: Share. Challenge. Future.
Share: what we are and what we've achieved. Challenge ourselves and our bias. And lastly, make a better future for us all. 

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Although we were expecting to “give” at the end of the trip, we realised we were the ones who had been given to. We received new awareness, new ideas, new projects and, of course, plenty of love from the kids! They were so lovely and precious, always curious, and eager to learn. Teaching them Math and Computer Science has given me so much joy! 

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Q: What’s the next place on your travel list and why?
A: Next on my travel list is Nepal. With challenging trekking routes, glaciers, and picturesque valleys - it’s a superb destination to embark on some new adventures. With its diverse and fascinating culture along with the great food, I can’t wait to explore all that Nepal has to offer!

Q: What three words would your friends use to describe you?
A: My friends would describe me as reliable, hard-working, and competitive. 
I put all my effort and dedication into everything I do. Sometimes my friends joke that even with my hobbies (trail running, climbing, and cross-country skiing) I like working hard! 
Anyone who knows me also appreciates my flexibility, seeing me easily navigating through different situations and environments. I can seamlessly join a wide range of activities, from a spontaneous road trip to a sophisticated dinner party!

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