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KORE Connections: Rajesh Gupta, SVP, CX & Operations

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This month we are excited to showcase none other than Rajesh Gupta, KORE's SVP of Customer Experience and Operations. With a wealth of experience in driving transformative change and fostering exponential growth, Rajesh is renowned for his leadership across geographies. With a career spanning decades, he’s excelled in turnaround management and strategic pivots, delivering results even in challenging economies. Stay tuned as we take a look into his journey and insights driving KORE's global operations in our latest KORE Connections.

Q: What’s a skill you’d like to improve on?

A: I have long been inspired by the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect, a comprehensive global competency framework comprising eight key leadership dimensions. Through my active engagement with the framework, I have found great fulfillment in mentoring colleagues, imparting essential skills such as strategic thinking, operational excellence, personal effectiveness, and adeptly managing challenges related to people and results.

My mentoring journey has been deeply rewarding, as I witness firsthand the transformative impact it has on individuals and teams. By sharing insights, providing guidance, and fostering a culture of continuous learning, I have seen remarkable growth and development among my mentees.

On a personal level, achieving a harmonious work-life balance has been a journey marked by challenges and triumphs. Recognising the importance of prioritising my well-being alongside professional responsibilities, I embarked on a quest to cultivate this balance. One avenue I explored was honing my culinary skills, a simple yet profound way to unwind and connect with loved ones. Through experimenting with new recipes and dedicating time to prepare special meals for my family, I found renewed energy and fulfillment in both my personal and professional pursuits.

As I reflect on my journey, I am reminded of the endless possibilities for growth and improvement across all dimensions of leadership. Each day presents an opportunity to push boundaries, embrace challenges, and strive for excellence. I remain steadfast in my commitment to continuous learning and development, eagerly anticipating the evolution that lies ahead.

Q: What is the weirdest snack you like to eat?

A: Well, I wouldn't label it as the weirdest snack, but rather my ultimate weakness – a particular dessert from India known as Payasam. While some Indian desserts like Rasmalai are gaining global recognition (recently named the second-best cheese dessert in the world), I firmly believe that Payasam is India's next best-kept secret. This Indian-style porridge comes in multiple variations and is a dish I simply can't resist.

Q: What is one of your favorite childhood memories?

A: As a 4–5-year-old kid, I used to detest going to school and would concoct various excuses to avoid it. My patient mother attempted to guide me towards better choices, but I persistently exploited her affection for my own foolishness. One day, weary of my endless excuses, she resorted to the strictest measures, contrary to her nurturing nature. That day, she imparted one of life's most invaluable lessons: 'never take someone who loves you for granted.' I understand now the difficulty she faced and the pain she endured. However, her tough love altered the trajectory of my life forever. From that moment on, I excelled in both school and college, never once looking back. I hold her memory in the highest regard, grateful for shaping me into the person I am today.

Q: Do you have a routine that helps you get into a work mindset?

A: Work has always felt like play to me, a joy I've cherished since early on in life. I firmly believe in doing what brings you fulfillment, which has spared me from feeling stressed even during 16–18-hour workdays, being available around the clock. Throughout my career, I've upheld the golden principle of responsiveness, ensuring I promptly attend to any communication, whether via email, phone, text, or social media, within 24 hours.

Maintaining such a pace demands a disciplined mindset, and I've found that planning my days and weeks in advance has been instrumental. Clarity on priorities allows me to focus on the task at hand without feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of other responsibilities. My daily routine revolves around starting each day with a smile, expressing gratitude to the Almighty and my loved ones for the gift of waking up, alive, and ready to tackle whatever comes my way.

Q: What is one of your personal goals for 2024?

A: Over the past few years, I have embarked on a spiritual journey that has enriched my life in profound ways. While I have always cherished traveling, I have recently discovered a deeper sense of joy and fulfillment through pilgrimage journeys to sacred shrines. These experiences have been transformative, offering moments of quiet reflection and connection with something greater than myself, ultimately leading to inner peace.

As I continue to delve deeper into my spiritual path, I have found meditation to be an invaluable practice in fostering mindfulness and self-awareness. It is a journey of self-discovery and growth that I am committed to exploring further. In pursuit of this, I aspire to attend a retreat in the near future, immersing myself fully in the practice and teachings of meditation.

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