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KORE Has the Tools You Need to Make the Best eSIM Decision

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The benefits of eSIM to connected IoT devices is crucial. By deploying a single eSIM that provides coverage wherever a device moves and during its entire lifecycle, it’s a holistic solution that powers all devices in the IoT ecosystem.

With eSIM technology, you can leverage embedded connectivity that provides global coverage right out of the box with advanced auto-provisioning capabilities that ensure it’s always on the right network for your service needs.

At KORE, we believe in the power of eSIM as a critical aspect of streamlined IoT solutions, but we want users to be equipped with a complete knowledge of eSIM as they make the decision to deploy this powerful tool. That’s why we created two tools to help you make the best eSIM decision for the greatest business outcomes.

eSIM Readiness Assessment

KORE wants to ensure that businesses make the best decision when it comes to eSIM. This technology is allowing the elimination of some of IoT’s most cumbersome complexities, including unreliable device connectivity, roaming fees, and network shutdowns.

With embedded connectivity, eSIM can streamline an entire IoT ecosystem through global coverage to meet the needs of any application. Its future proof design lasts for the entire lifecycle of a device for easy upgrades and maximum ROI.

With our quick, simple eSIM Readiness Assessment, you can determine if your business needs are more aligned with traditional SIMs, future-proofed SIMs or the auto-provisioned SIM. As a trusted expert and advisor in IoT, KORE wants to empower you to make the best eSIM decisions for maximum business outcomes.

Take the three-minute eSIM Readiness Assessment now!

Self-Service Device Validation

One critical aspect before deployment of this IoT solution is testing a device’s eSIM interoperability. Failure to detect and identify device for eSIM functionality issues can compromise the success of a project and related business initiatives.

Which is why KORE developed a device self-service validation tool that is integrated with our Connectivity Management Platform, which provides technical testing to ensure your device can operate in an eSIM environment. This is done easily and quickly, allowing users to validate devices in just under 15 minutes versus having to ship a device and wait a few weeks for results.

Customers can test a device’s eSIM compatibility in connectivity and remote subscription management, in addition to several optional custom tests such as LTE Cat-M and NB-IoT verification and OTA remote file management. Users have access to validation history, which provides historic test data, as well as real-time information on all ongoing validations.

eSIM Starter Kit

At KORE, we’re confident you’ll quickly understand the value of our global, flexible, and future-proofed IoT connectivity solution, which is why we’ve created a free eSIM starter kit including eSIMPro. The kit includes three eSIM cards with a global profile that covers more than 165 countries; network resiliency with access to multiple local networks; 10MG of monthly data; 24/7 customer support; and a 30-day trial period.

Unlock the power of eSIM with our free starter kit today!


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