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Innovations and Insights from Mobile World Congress Americas

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Coming together at Mobile World Congress Americas in Los Angeles at the end of October was almost a surreal experience. It was a great opportunity to reflect on the challenges of the last nearly two years that have been felt in industries across all verticals, as well as to share insight on emerging technologies and how technology innovations will address future trends and concerns.

Celebrity Appearance: Cesar Millan, Halo Collar, and KORE Demonstration

KORE was excited to demonstrate the Halo Collar by Paws with an on-booth demonstration with celebrity dog expert, Cesar Millan. The Halo Collar represents the most advanced pet safety and training technology. The Halo Collar replaces the need for an electric fence, instead transferring that technology directly into the dog collar. No matter where dogs and their owners might travel, the Halo Collar can support safety, smart training, and track activity for the health and wellbeing of the dog.

Halo Collar chose KORE for resilient connectivity that works out of the box with minimal gaps in coverage. KORE was instrumental in providing Halo Collar with cellular connectivity in the U.S. and Canada, for plans of global expansion.

KORE is honored to work on these IoT for Good solutions that help mitigate challenges in the enterprise and consumer sectors.

Security, a Crucial Priority

KORE President and CEO Romil Bahl gave a keynote address leading into a panel discussion on IoT security with industry experts. One of the predominant themes of Mobile World Congress was the rise of technology solutions to meet modern challenges – from healthcare to supply chains. Combining that with a maturing 5G era that is poised to spark rampant IoT adoption, the need for security from end-to-end in the IoT ecosystem is critical.

KORE believes that the keys to IoT security are the marriage of prevention, detection, and management across the ecosystem, which is comprised of devices, networks, and applications. KORE helps companies to secure their solutions across these wide areas with a focus on devices through the GSMA initiative of IoT SAFE, in which the device SIM serves as the root of trust. KORE also supports network security through encryption and virtual private networks, and finally the application of the IoT solution is intelligently monitored through the KORE SecurityProTM platform. Weaving through the pillars of device, network, and security is KORE security managed services with helps with Mobile Device Management and over-the-air management for security updates and patches, so that even after solutions are deployed, they are still receiving comprehensive security management.

The overall outlook from the speakers and panel in this track is that security should not be viewed as a value-add in IoT solutions and that breaches can have serious consequences and implications. Securing IoT solutions falls on everyone in the ecosystem – the hardware, connectivity, and services partners, as well as those deploying solutions.

Connected Health in a Digital Overhaul

What has been witnessed over the course of pandemic is healthcare moving from a steady digital transformation into a digital revolution. The pandemic served as a very fast, very forced proof of concept for digital solutions that were already in development, such as remote patient monitoring, decentralised clinical trials, and telemedicine.

KORE Vice President of Connected Health Product Development Kristie Swanson gave a keynote sharing how KORE has been able to power innovations during the pandemic that have helped healthcare be more accessible and agile. First was our involvement in bringing a remote patient monitoring solution to market at rapid speed with Dexcom, the creator of the G6 Continuous Glucose Monitor. Hospitalised diabetes patients with COVID-19 required multiple checks per day, which put strain on an already difficult challenge of personal protective equipment (PPE). With the help of KORE, Dexcom was able to equip healthcare workers with the ability to remotely check diabetes patients and minimise the use of PPE.

KORE also helped provide connectivity to Swoop Aero, an Australian-based drone company with a mission to deliver critical medical supplies to remote, hard-to-access areas. Particularly in relation to the pandemic, Swoop Aero was able to deliver important COVID-19 supplies to a remote area in Scotland, reducing the trip from days to just mere hours.

The healthcare industry is rapidly adapting to the modern needs of medical treatment and availability, despite the challenges that stand in the way. Namely, secure and reliable access to data that is communicated between patients and providers through these IoT healthcare solutions. An example would be smart devices that capture patient data like in a cardiac rhythm monitoring solution. A cardiac care patient receiving at-home monitoring may need to take their own blood pressure multiple times a day, and that data would be shared with their provider.

Moving that data through the necessary channels needs to meet rigorous regulatory compliance. KORE has developed a Connected Health Telemetry Solution that bridges the communication gap in IoT healthcare deployments. Easy to integrate, KORE data telemetry removes the complexity of connected health solutions, which can help bring digital healthcare solutions to market faster.

In this discussion track, it was made clear that healthcare is on a rapid path to a new digital era, and there are initiatives that IoT and connectivity solution providers can offer to aid in this new technology revolution in medicine.

eSIM Summit and Panel

The eSIM Summit was a great opportunity to learn about how this exciting connectivity technology is moving from the early adopter phase to widespread use. The technology and benefits of eSIM has been discussed for several years, and now it is time for enterprises and organisations to learn how to implement these solutions.

KORE Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Tushar Sachdev’s keynote address and subsequent panel discussion on capturing the true value of eSIM. One item highlighted during the eSIM Summit is that global connectivity can be a hindrance, even though the world is moving toward becoming a connected planet.

The ability of eSIM to mitigate those challenges by hosting multiple profiles and permitting zero-touch provisioning is going to help advance global solutions of IoT technology, but it is also going to aid in massive IoT use cases. These types of use cases are going to deploy millions of IoT sensors and devices that will make it difficult to pivot carriers or mitigate network changes if physical SIM swaps are required. Not only does this ramp up costs significantly in IoT solutions with truck rolls and field technicians, but it can greatly reduce the lifecycle of devices that would otherwise perform during its entire lifecycle – which in some IoT device use cases can be up to 10 years.

Also, devices in critical IoT use cases such as robotics and healthcare need comprehensive connectivity that may need to failover to another network in case of an outage. The benefits of eSIM can meet many different key requirements in IoT.

KORE is excited to be able to announce its OmniSIMTM, which is a true, future-proofed, and global solution for IoT. The award-winning KORE OmniSIM provides global, flexible IoT connectivity with technology agnostic network access worldwide and support for value-added services and comprehensive eSIM management.

KORE OmniSIM comes in two packages, with the OmniSIM Reach providing global connectivity across 600 networks in 198 countries. Alternately, OmniSIM Rush provides resilient connectivity across 61 networks in 34 countries and is a cost-effective approach to IOT use cases that require higher data usage plans.

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