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Trending in IoT: 2023 and Beyond

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The Internet of Things (IoT) tends to encapsulate many technologies. Ultimately, IoT relates to connecting devices and sensors to the internet to capture data and communicate it reliably and securely to a platform, data storage lake or computer management system. Many emerging and developing technologies touch on the Internet of Things. For example, 5G born of the consumer market, that will help M2M (Machine-to-Machine) or IoT use cases with speed, latency, and throughput of connectivity that can power critical IoT use cases. 

Edge computing brings analysis and action closer to the IoT device level, allowing for faster reaction time in IoT use cases, such as equipment leveraging robotics or machine learning. Artificial intelligence algorithms utilise vast quantities of clean, relevant data that can power action independent of human intervention. 

Low power wide area (LPWA) networks create a broad connectivity landscape for millions of devices to connect to the internet and power Massive IoT use cases to help create efficiencies and solve challenges in use cases such as logistics, fleet, agriculture, and much more. 

And eSIM is creating a new, more streamlined path to global proliferation and acceleration of IoT use cases, whether it is mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS) to help older people safely age in place or helping keep drones in flight as they deliver critical medical supplies in remote areas. 

And what wraps around all of these new and exciting technologies under the IoT umbrella is managed services, a growing service in IoT that helps organisations build, deploy, manage, and scale IoT much more simply than trying to manage the complex components in-house. 

IoT is becoming so much more engrained – and enterprise digital transformation has become table stakes – that it might even be fair to say that IoT is old hat. If many things can be described as IoT, then is it really accurate to describe it as a singular segment? 

So what is trending in technology and has IoT stalled? 

It is a pivotal time for the technology industry and IoT is certainly positioned to see major changes over the course of the next year. As 2023 begins to wind down, analysts and industry leaders are taking a look at the impact of emerging and developing trends and what has the staying power to drive new innovations in the future. KORE and Transforma Insights have partnered to create a whitepaper and a webinar to tackle these topics. Get early access by downloading a preview of the whitepaper and stay tuned for the upcoming webinar!

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