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How to Manage (And Even Thrive In) The Google Cloud Platform Migration

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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is retiring its Cloud IoT Core service this year, which means existing users will need to migrate to a new IoT core platform. All the devices currently connected to GCP’s IoT Core will no longer be communicating once the platform is retired, which could have serious implications for the IoT solutions associated with those devices.

Technology migrations can be very challenging. The recent network shutdowns of 2G and 3G networks in the U.S., and the ongoing shutdowns in Europe, have shown that moving devices from one technology to the next can create a host of problems. Costs can run high, unexpected errors can impact deadlines, and it can take significant time to plan and properly execute a project of such large magnitude.

The KORE OmniCore is the premier platform for GCP IoT Core migrations for several key reasons, one of which is the ease of migrating to OmniCore. With just five simple steps, organisations can manage migrations internally or leverage the expert professional services of KORE, which has skills and knowledge in technology migrations, including network sunsets.

Access to All the Familiar Features Plus Additional Features

Additionally, OmniCore offers the greatest similarities to the current GCP IoT Core. OmniCore is a hosted Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) platform exactly as GCP’s IoT Core and fully compatible with the existing GCP architecture. Also, just as with GCP, KORE accepts the standard MQTT and HTTP protocols for devices communicating to the cloud.

With KORE OmniCore the user experience will feel very similar to GCP IoT Core, with a familiar user interface, same APIs, and all the existing capabilities.  Plus, we have added many new features.
These additional features include:

IoT Device Provisioning: Devices can be activated in OmniCore just like with GCP, but KORE furthers this feature by offering zero-touch provisioning for greater ease in widescale and global device deployment.
Secure Device Communication: With the same end-to-end encryption level as GCP’s IoT Core, OmniCore has also integrated IoT SAFE SIM for GSMA-standardised device-level security. Easily onboard IoT SAFE SIM devices that leverage security implemented in the chip for device-to-cloud security.

Device Management: OmniCore takes the same device management to the next level by offering over-the-air commands and configuration updates.

Device Monitoring: With cloud audit logs and usage data, OmniCore also offers in-console device testing for real-time diagnostics.

Operational Support: OmniCore users are provided with global, 24/7 services with guaranteed long-term support for those who have migrated.

A Full-Scale Approach to IoT Core Platforms

OmniCore is not only the IoT Core Platform that is the logical technology from which to migrate, it is a next-generation platform that offers emerging technologies that enhance IoT, such as zero-touch provisioning and IoT SAFE.  

KORE full-scale global support can ensure that organisations’ migrations are seamless and cost-effective to minimise disruptions and offer an elastic, future-proofed platform with the only pure-play IoT provider that has 20 years of experience in IoT.  

Get in touch with our dedicated GCP migration team to learn more about how the GCP migration can not only be simple but can enhance your IoT solutions. 

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