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Why KORE is the Natural Next Step in the Google Cloud IoT Core Migration

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Google Cloud will be retiring its IoT core platform in 2023, meaning existing users need to migrate devices to a new partner to manage their IoT devices. An IoT core is vital in connecting IoT devices to cloud services, acting as the line of communication between the device and the cloud. Existing Google Cloud IoT core users leverage the platform as a means for the cloud to collect data and authenticate devices for data collection. The core is also an important tool in device management and monitoring.

Technology migrations can be very challenging both in moving devices and finding a platform that can support the organisation and its IoT deployment similarly to the legacy platform. KORE has developed its IoT core platform, KORE OmniCoreTM, that not only has the greatest similarity to the Google Cloud IoT Core, but with enhanced features and robust migration tools and support services.

What is OmniCore?

KORE OmniCore is a managed cloud service to connect IoT devices easily and securely to Google Cloud Platform and route messages directly to GCP cloud services. Backed by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) highly scalable and reliable infrastructure, OmniCORE enables businesses to seamlessly collect, process, and act on massive amounts of data generated by connected devices. OmniCore also provides powerful management tools, which give organisations the ability to configure devices with ease.

OmniCore has all the familiar capabilities of GCP IoT Core, including the same APIs and console user experience, as well as the device and field gateway options to connect and set up devices and routing. Enhanced features include:

Provision: Onboard devices using Console, API, or via zero-touch provisioning.

Connect: Connect devices securely with per-device public/private key authentication using JSON Web Tokens.

Message: Send telemetry and state information to the cloud using MQTT v5.0 and MQTT over WSS or HTTP protocols.

Manage: Manage devices using configuration and direct commands with over-the-air device update capabilities.

Migrate in Just a Few Easy Steps

KORE has made it simple to migrate from the Google Cloud IoT core to OmniCore. As experts in technology migrations and managed services, KORE has developed a five-step process for migration:

Subscribe: Beginning in the GCP marketplace, users will subscribe to OmniCore.

Configure: Users will then access OmniCore, register by using their existing Google account credentials, configure devices and field gateways and then configure the Pub/Sub topic.

Migrate: Execute the KORE-provided script to migrate registries, devices, and gateways from GCP IoT Core to KORE OmniCore

Update Devices: Users can then send commands to update the device fleet to point to the new KORE OmniCore address.

Update API URL: The process is completed by updating the API URL. OmniCore offers 100 percent API compatibility with GCP IoT Core APIs.

Get Started with KORE OmniCore

KORE has a dedicated team of experts to help organisations with their migration. While the simple, five-step process is available, KORE also offers its professional migration services to manage the migration. If you want to learn more about how to get started, reach out to the KORE OmniCore team. Or to get a quick estimate of KORE OmniCore charges, check out our online calculator.

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