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IoT Business Solutions and More: IoT Days 2020 Roundup

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IoT M2M Council, also known as IMC, recently hosted the virtual event IoT Days. The event spanned four days and offered educational sessions geared towards adopters of IoT business solutions. With a focus on both consumer and industrial markets, the IoT Days programming included keynotes, workshops, and webinars across a number of topics, including IoT in healthcare, smart buildings, edge computing, connectivity, supply chain, and more.

KORE was pleased to support this years event as a platinum sponsor and presented three sessions, including the opening day keynote address. The KORE sessions explored IoT in healthcare, Industrial connectivity, and IIoT for Supply Chain, and addressed a number of cutting-edge IoT business solutions.

IoT in Healthcare

Romil Bahl, CEO of KORE, kicked off the four-day event with the keynote session on the future of connected health. In this session, he spoke on the current connected health market and readiness, common challenges and how to mitigate them, partnering with an IoT enabler for success, as well as use cases and innovations.

This keynote session highlighted the primary industry segments within connected health and called out specific use cases such as continuous glucose monitoring, decentralised clinical trials, mobile personal emergency response systems, and more. These are some of the IoT business solutions that are driving innovation in connection health.

Connectivity in IIoT

Jon Morley, Director of IoT Pre-Sales Engineering EMEA at KORE, presented Industrial eSIM: Connectivity for Business Without Borders on day four of IoT Days.

The business challenges of industrial IoT sometimes include operating conditions that are not conducive to traditional SIM cards and a lack of security due to an inability to avoid tampering. The benefits of eSIM connectivity for industrial IoT are endless, and include an embedded soldered SIM that can be sealed air-tight, universal compatibility with all cellular carriers and technologies, and more.

IIoT for Supply Chain

Esteban Ibarra, VP Business Development at KORE, presented IoT for Smarter Supply Chain Management on the final day of this year’s event. This session covered the supply chain market landscape and challenges, benefits of IoT, as well as medical and biotech use cases.

IoT business solutions, such as critical asset monitoring, have a number of benefits over other supply chain management solutions. Among them are proactive, rather than reactive, risk mitigation, data analytics for actionable insights, regulatory compliance, cost containment, improved productivity and efficiency, and enhanced customer service and experience.

IoT Industry Leaders

IMC is the largest trade association dedicated to the IoT/M2M sector, comprised of solutions providers from all parts of the global IoT and M2M ecosystem. The organisation’s goal is to “increase deployments of IoT/M2M solutions by proving the business case of the technology” to adopters.

KORE is a pioneer, a leader, and a trusted advisor in IoT implementation and deployment. Founded in 2003, KORE has grown through recent acquisitions to offer robust IoT business solutions to several industry sectors. These diverse capabilities and industry expertise make KORE the partner of choice for companies looking to deploy, manage, and scale their IoT initiatives.

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