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Resilient, Global IoT Connectivity for Improved Access to Medical Supplies

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Inhabitants of rural and remote areas of the world experience lower life expectancy and poorer health status compared to their urban counterparts, according to research published in the Annual Review of Public Health. Among the challenges of delivering healthcare to remote locations is the difficulty of transporting critical medical supplies.

Drone Delivery to Remote Locations

Swoop Aero has worked to bridge the gap in healthcare access for these communities, making it their mission to deliver essential medical supplies to those who need them most, regardless of their location. The company’s vision is “to deliver the world seamless supply chains that bring emotional and economic prosperity to life throughout the communities they serve.”

Swoop Aero believed drones would be the best way to mitigate transportation challenges such as traffic congestion, long distances, accessibility, difficult terrain, and data shortages. The company needed a way to provide global IoT connectivity for these flights taking place in remote locations with, in many cases, limited access to connectivity.

Multi-technology Connectivity with eSIM

The company partnered with KORE to create an IoT connectivity solution that was fail-safe and guarded against global roaming restrictions. With multi-modal, international connectivity solutions, including eSIM, KORE was able to provide a connectivity strategy that could keep the drones in flight anywhere in the world, even in remote areas.

KORE helped Swoop Aero by creating a nimble and holistic connectivity strategy that included satellite connectivity with cellular redundancy enabled via eSIM technology with over-the-air provisioning. Equipping the drones with multi-modal, multi-carrier technology through a single SIM allows them to seamlessly switch between connectivity technologies and stay in the air.

Partnering for IoT Success

By partnering with KORE, Swoop Aero can effectively scale anywhere across the globe knowing that their drones can be remotely provisioned at the production facility and delivered with out-of-the-box connectivity. The company can spend more time focusing on healthcare delivery and less on IoT connectivity management through its partnership with KORE.

Managing IoT connectivity from multiple carriers can be time-consuming and costly. KORE provides multi-carrier and multi-technology connectivity under one contract, as well as one billing and support system to streamline IoT solutions.

Download the case study, “Drones Deliver Critical Medical Assets with KORE-Enabled IoT Technology” to learn more about how global, resilient connectivity from KORE helps keep drones in the air to deliver mission-critical healthcare assets.

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