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Video Case Study - BioIntelliSense

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Connected healthcare powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) has seen a significant boom in recent years, particularly among remote patient monitoring use cases.  Latest forecasts report the global remote healthcare market size will reach $11 billion in 2020 and last year alone, Europe accounted for a 28% share in that market.

It’s no surprise that so many medical care professionals are looking to adopt remote patient monitoring solutions, especially when you consider the advantages they offer. The benefits include increased data accuracy, improved patient comfort, lower costs associated with in-person visits, and continuous vital sign monitoring. In order for remote patient monitoring solutions to deliver the many benefits of connected health technology, it’s important for solution providers to select the right IoT partner.


BioIntelliSense offers medical-grade wearable devices that allow doctors and nurses to collect data from patients outside of the hospital. This continuous remote patient monitoring makes it possible to identify symptoms and intervene before a condition worsens, avoiding rehospitalisation.  

The BioSticker is an FDA-cleared medical device approved for up to 30 days of continuous vital sign monitoring. This on-body sensor is prescribed by a physician and easily worn on the patient’s chest, monitoring respiratory rate, heart rate, temperature, activity level, sleep status, and more. The data is transmitted wirelessly to medical providers for real-time data accessibility as if the patient were being monitored in the hospital.

The Challenge

Sourcing and enabling the wireless connectivity that was needed to transmit data presented the biggest challenge for BioIntelliSense. Not only did the BioSticker solution require reliable connectivity, but BioIntelliSense needed to work with someone who could provide this in a fast, affordable way so they could bring their solution to market quickly and with ease. Partnering with KORE enabled them to do exactly that.

Partnering with KORE

BioIntelliSense needed a partner that could help them bring to market a solution that they believe is a game-changer for remote patient monitoring. As with many new connected health technologies, engineering challenges faced by BioIntelliSense had the potential to delay the launch by a year or more. Working with the team of IoT experts at KORE helped them solve these challenges more quickly than they could have on their own, making the process fast, easy, and simple for them.

In addition to continuous, secure cellular connectivity, KORE also provided cellular certification services that sped up their time-to-market and made the process a breeze. KORE makes the complex process of deploying IoT solutions simple, seamless, and scalable.  

KORE has IoT healthcare solutions for a range of services, including remote patient monitoring, mobile personal emergency response systems (mPERS), and connected health solutions and managed services for life sciences.

View the full video case study with James Mault, MD, CEO and Founder of BioIntelliSense to learn how KORE swiftly resolved engineering challenges to speed time to market.

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