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The Evolution of KORE Business Strategies


At KORE, we are committed to driving innovation for our customers. From our beginnings, as a pioneer in IoT to our growth as a global leader in comprehensive IoT solutions, KORE brings a robust solution set to several key markets.

By leveraging the power of recent acquisitions, such as the acquisition of Integron, for example, we are able to bring the industry’s most powerful healthcare IoT solution set to market. Additionally, the acquisition of ASPIDER-NGI, a leading provider of advanced connectivity, core network and embedded SIM (eSIM/eUICC) solutions allows us to offer a “single global SKU” to simplify the deployment of IoT devices across vertical markets worldwide, with particular relevance to large scale international and industrial deployments.

“We are entirely cognisant of the role of our solution provider customers. Their knowledge of the industry use case is critical to credibly providing the end solution to their customers,” said KORE President & CEO, Romil Bahl. “However, neither our solution provider customers nor our enterprise customers should be trying to do everything themselves. As IoT use cases mature and accelerate, time-to-market will be increasingly important to how well our customers can compete. We at KORE help tremendously with IoT adoption, scaling, and speed-to-benefits. Today we are saying, more confidently than ever before, that KORE is the quintessential integrator for our customers’ IoT needs.”

Our focus will be to support all of the behind-the-scenes details that go into making an IoT solution a success so that our customers, both solution providers, and enterprises, can focus extensively on the experience of their end-user customers, and maximise the value of the data relative to their respective verticals.

View the video, "KORE Business Evolution" to learn:

  • The key vertical industries KORE will support for comprehensive IoT solutions
  • New solution offerings and certifications to make your IoT deployments successful
  • Critical components in the behind-the-scenes details that go into making your IoT solution a success for both providers and enterprises

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