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KORE In-Vehicle Video Solution and dash cams improve driver safety, reduce insurance premiums, and accelerate the claims process for end users.


Enhanced Safety Fleet safety improvement and collision prevention | Driver behavior monitoring and coaching
cost savings Lower Insurance Premiums and legal fees
Risk Management Evidence-based accident investigation and insurance claims management

The Client

Our client is a Transportation Service Provider (TSP) that specialises in fleet and asset management. They offer a comprehensive fleet snapshot, allowing their customers to see up-to-date driver locations, review past routes, and generate reports to pinpoint and rectify poor driver conduct such as unauthorised stops, speeding, and idling. To bring in-vehicle video to market, they contracted KORE to provide both driver and road-facing dash cams, as well as the supporting AI and technology.

The Challenge

TSPs are looking to IoT enabled video solutions to overcome various challenges related to safety, liability, and operational efficiency, ultimately improving their bottom line and reputation. But as in-vehicle video adoption continues to rise, many business owners and fleet managers are still challenged to support multiple systems for location tracking and video monitoring. 

The Solution

KORE In-Vehicle Video (including their IoT dash cams and supporting AI technology) leverages the latest high-quality video technologies to improve driver behaviour and increase driver productivity, as well as empower organisations to establish accident fault and facilitate timely and effective driver coaching, all delivered via a centralised platform to track and visually monitor fleet. In an effort to further improve safety on America's roadways, KORE In-Vehicle Video offers AI to monitor fatigue and distracting behaviours like texting while driving, wherein alerts are sent out to headquarters if distracting behaviors are detected. These alerts can then be used to coach drivers so they’re able to make better, safer choices while operating company vehicles.  

KORE’s In-Vehicle Video Solution, along with their superior support and reliable connectivity offerings, have helped our customers defend innocent drivers, reduce insurance premiums, and accelerate the insurance claims process with high-definition video evidence – saving both lives and money in the process.

Client Representative | Transportation Service Provider

About KORE

KORE, the global leader in IoT, helps simplify the complexity of IoT for organisations that either have or serve Fleet operations with a full suite of solutions that allow organisations to deploy, manage, and scale IoT for the best business outcomes. KORE Fleet leverages hardware, connectivity, and high-visibility data and analytics to streamline fleet management operations. Video telematics support driver safety to mitigate risk and manage insurance costs, while location-based services increase productivity, and advanced telematics support preventative vehicle maintenance and help improve the bottom line. With real-time visibility, KORE Fleet supports fleet and vehicle management for maximum ROI

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