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eSIM Unlocks IoT Podcast

eSIM represents a revolutionary change in the way cellular services are managed. The key focus of eSIM being to allow users to remotely provision their devices to switch between supported carrier profiles Over-the-Air (OTA). The goal is to eliminate the need for SIM swaps or even physical access to the device to change service providers. The global impact of eSIM in the IoT world is anticipated to be significant: GSMA predicts that half of all SIM card deployments will use the eSIM format by 2024.

Want to learn more? In this episode of the IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh (IoT Evolution) sits down with Marco Bijvelds, SVP, EAP, KORE to talk about ‘eSIM and Why it Matters to the IoT Market’, as well as the following topics:

  • The impact of eSIM on devices in the field

  • The role of security, device management and profitability with eSIM

  • Why and when would you change profiles on an eSIM

  • The market opportunity and direction of eSIM

  • eSIM and Device Verification

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