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Cellular Connectivity Drives Innovative Connected Health Solutions

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As one of only three cellularly enabled blood glucose monitors approved by the FDA, the iGlucose® by Smart Meter is reinventing diabetes management. According to the OECD 'about 32.7 million adults were diabetics in the European Union in 2017, up from an estimated 18.2 million adults in 2000'. The gravity of this situation means the connected health landscape is ripe with opportunity – for patients, healthcare providers, and IoT experts alike.

The connected blood glucose meter enables the proactive management of diabetes by reliably and remotely transmitting data from patients to healthcare providers through cellular connectivity. This healthcare management is further enhanced by automatically sharing data with the patient’s trusted support teams. The ability to access real-time and reliable blood glucose data could help providers to make more informed clinical decisions while saving time and money for everyone involved. As an agile start-up, Smart Meter came to KORE to help solve the challenge of reliable connectivity for their smart meters. While interacting with KORE, they discovered a host of additional resources they could utilize to accelerate the speed-to-market of their solution.

“As a startup we’re going to need other types support outside of our strictly telecommunications support. The portal that KORE has to help us manage our telecommunications infrastructure has already proven to be far superior to anything we’ve had before.”
Dick Kane, Director of Operations, Smart Meter

KORE supported Smart Meter in not only providing secure, global connectivity but also procuring and certifying their devices as necessary. As a vendor-agnostic IoT partner, KORE was able to recommend a wide host of partners to help solve real-time business problems for customers like Smart Meter.

Watch the video to see how KORE helped Smart Meter rapidly deploy connected health solutions with:

  • Secure Connectivity Solutions to Enable Continuous Remote Patient Monitoring
  •  Sourcing and Certification of Smart Meter’s Leading-Edge Glucose Meter
  •  Responsive and Agile Fulfilment of SIM Cards to Speed Time to Market

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