Single Source Provider for Global eSIM Solutions

With decades of experience in IoT, KORE has developed a comprehensive eSIM offering that goes beyond traditional eSIM offerings to deliver technology-agnostic network access worldwide, with support for value-added services and comprehensive eSIM management.

  • Carrier-Agnostic Single eSIM: embedded or removable, IoT-grade and ruggedised eSIMs that are remotely programmable based on GSMA eSIM specifications, with the option to integrate eSIM applets for secure authentication and network monitoring.

  • Network Connectivity: single eSIM for access to multiple carriers and multiple technologies (2G/3G/LTE), hosted on our own independent network to enable greater control and secure access via VPNs and private APNs, as well as single data bundles via multi-IMSI capabilities.

  • Single User Interface: single user experience to manage connectivity across multiple networks with comprehensive provisioning tools, real-time reports for data usage and billing, proactive thresholds and alerts, as well as self-service advanced diagnostics.


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esimSimplify SIM Card Management

The KORE advanced connectivity management and eSIM capabilities simplify the complexity of navigating evolving network technologies or switching carrier networks with a single eSIM. The KORE eSIM offering eliminates the need for physical SIM swaps across multiple carriers or technologies via seamless, remote eSIM provisioning. Our solution mitigates the operational risks of unforeseen network sunsets or technology changes while minimising total cost of ownership over the lifetime of your “things”, empowering you to maximise returns on your IoT investments.

Ensure Long-Term, Flexible IoT Connectivity

Many IoT devices have lengthy lifecycles, are geographically dispersed, and may be embedded in equipment or dangerous environments that make them difficult to access. If for any reason an organisation needs to switch connectivity providers or upgrade legacy technologies, they are faced with the challenge of deploying technicians to physically execute a SIM card swap. However, by leveraging eSIM technologies and remote provisioning capabilities, organisations benefit from continuous service insurance throughout the entire device lifecycle.

Reduce Technical and Operational IoT Complexity

KORE eSIM offerings mitigate the operational risks of unforeseen network sunsets or technology changes while minimising total cost of ownership over the lifetime of your “things” and maximising return on your IoT investments. Key benefits include:

  • Simplify IoT complexity with a trusted advisor and global, independent leader in eSIM capabilities

  • Eliminate SIM switching costs and improve operational efficiencies with remote eSIM provisioning

  • Minimise total cost of ownership and maximise returns on IoT investments through a consolidated operational model

  • Future-proof connected devices with a single eSIM that can support multiple carriers and network technologies

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