Addressing Key Use Cases with eSIM

KORE’s global advanced connectivity management and eSIM capabilities simplify the complexity of achieving network access for truly global resilient coverage, navigating evolving network technologies, and managing complex logistical processes for your IoT deployments with a single eSIM. The KORE solution enables seamless, remote SIM provisioning (RSP) allowing you to use a single SIM for the entire lifetime of a device for three key use cases.

Natively Connected

Future Proofing

Auto Provisioning

Having trouble achieving global IoT connectivity, experiencing lack of revenue growth, or struggling with carrier roaming restrictions? eSIM provides a single SIM for a streamlined vendor ecosystem and global connectivity. An out-of-the box offering that bundles equipment with global connectivity provides support for future use of additional eSIM capabilities.

Disruptive network shutdowns and evolving network technologies can be seamlessly managed with a single eSIM that supports multi-carrier profiles and over-the-air (OTA) provisioning. These capabilities also enable organisations to leverage embedded, soldered eSIMs that are sealed tight for long-lived IoT devices to protect them from harsh field conditions and potential device or SIM card tampering.


Logistical and supply chain inefficiencies can create complexities for stocking and provisioning multiple carrier SIM cards required for different geographies or product offerings. A single SKU eSIM card enables organisations to streamline their supply chain processes and implement a flexible IoT connectivity solution that can host multiple carrier profiles and enable global deployments with local network access.


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esimSingle SIM. Singular Expertise.

The KORE eSIM offering provides a global, flexible, and “future-proofed” IoT connectivity solution that goes beyond traditional eSIM offerings to deliver technology-agnostic network access worldwide, with support for value-added services and comprehensive eSIM management.

Carrier-Agnostic: Single eSIM: Embedded or removable, IoT-grade and ruggedised eSIMs that are remotely programmable based on GSMA eSIM specifications, with the option to integrate eSIM applets for secure authentication and network monitoring

Network Connectivity: Single eSIM for global, resilient connectivity and access to multiple carriers and multiple technologies (2G/3G/LTE), hosted on our own independent network to enable greater control and secure access via VPNs and APNs, as well as single data bundles via multi-IMSI capabilities

Single User Interface: Single user experience to manage connectivity across multiple networks with comprehensive provisioning tools, real-time reports for data usage and billing, proactive thresholds and alerts, as well as self-service advanced diagnostics

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