Fleet Tracking IoT Solutions

In recent years, the vehicle location and fleet tracking market has helped give way to the growing IoT industry. With fleet route optimization and the ability to track valuable cargo, widespread adoption of fleet tracking telematics and automotive IoT applications have offered companies the ability to save on fuel costs, keep up with maintenance, and enhance driver accountability. From long haul trucking to auto rental tracking applications, KORE powers the leading fleet tracking IoT applications.

IoT Vehicle Location Tracking

Today, fleet tracking telematics remains one of the most mature M2M segments with widespread adoption in long haul trucking and auto rental fleets. With innovative and customizable solutions being delivered and supported by automotive IoT applications providers, this market continues to expand based on cost-effective, widespread coverage and global cellular network access.

As applications advance from simple GPS services to more integrated applications supporting logistics services, there is a growing need for flexible and cost-effective automotive IoT applications for fleet management. For example, health regulations are driving the constant monitoring of chilled foods in transit. Similarly, new border security initiatives allow drivers to call ahead, enabling them to send updated manifests to border agents and speed up cross-border transit times. Fleet tracking telematics applications can be used to send such manifests, but they can only be implemented cost-effectively if they can be connected anywhere and at any time.


KORE IoT Solutions for Fleet Tracking

KORE understands the specific needs of fleet tracking and management, and we have partnered with application providers to maximize connectivity. With multiple options regarding technology and networks – including LTE, CDMA, and even satellite connectivity – you can rest assured that you and your drivers can stay connected to the automotive IoT applications you rely on.

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